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    Ok.. I'm usually good at this but for some reason for the life of me cannot get this to work

    here's the deal:

    I have 3 PCs (including the carPC) all setup in my room...

    My main PC (M)
    My Laptop (L)
    and Carputer (C)

    I want to network the main pc and the carputer so I can transfer all the stuff that I've collected for the carputer from my main PC but for some reason they wont talk to each other.. this is how it's working now:

    M works with L
    L works with C
    C does NOT work with M

    I don't feel like transferring everything to the laptop and then again transfer it all to the carputer(around 20GB worth of stuff).. any ideas?


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    is this all on a wireless network??? do you have file sharing setup???


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      Yeah I instantly see the problem - it doesnt work.....

      Think it could be a plan to post some info such as:

      OS of machines, type of network, (if wireless wep, wpa?), are you using static or dynamic IPs, are you using simple file sharing?

      How are you trying to connect to the machine, UNC? mapped drive? Are you using an IP or going by a name?

      What exactly is the problem, what error comes up.

      Might help methinks
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        Heh... Sorry for being so vague

        Here's some Info:

        Main PC is XP Pro SP2
        Carputer is also XP Pro SP2
        Laptop is XP Pro with SP1

        I have a Linksys router (wired/wireless)

        The main PC is hard wired to the network and the laptop and the carputer are wirelessly connected (Not sure about the WEP or WPA part). I'm using Dynamic IPs assigned by the Router itself. So The main PC is usually, then 102, 103 and so on. I think filesharing (printers) is off.

        The way I usually try to connect is go to the network connections and on the left there is that option "setup a home or small office network". I pick the way the pc is connected (internet> Router> PC) and then I assign all 3 PCs to HOME domain. At the end I just go to the "View network computer" and then I pick the one I need... but when I try to access the pc it says I dont have permission to go there or the path was not found"

        I hope this explains a bit more!


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          try using the UNC path with the ipaddress...
          In the address bar of Windows Explorer, try typing "\\\c$" and see if you can see the root drive of the machine with IP *.102...
          Do the same for the others.

          option 2:
          right click a folder and set it to be Shared. If you allow access to other users, you can write to it from another machine. Try that on all 3.
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            try turning on sharing on all the computers.
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              1) Make sure all computers are all on the same subnet. usually, you're going to have an IP address of 192.168.1.x and a subnet bask of That means that any IP address of 192.168.1.x will be able to see and communicate with any other with the same IP address scheme.
              (Note: There are ways to alther this to allow a larger or smaller subnet, but that's a more detailed discussion than is required here.)

              2) Make certain all the computers are members of the same workgroup. If they're not in teh same workgroup, it makes locating the computer more difficult. For a home network, there's no need for a domain. If there is a need, then you probably know what you're doing anyway, so this simple tutorial is useless to you.

              3) Turn on filesharing for computers that have files you want shared, and only share what you want shared. Don't share the root of your C drive because you can. It's a dangerous proposition.

              4) With Win2000 and/or WinXP, make certain that you have a user setup with the same password you use to log into your computer. You're logging on as Administrator you say? You should be smacked until you bleed. For example, I have users on my server for Darque Pervert, Kelly, and John. One is a login in my gaming computer (this one), one is from my work computer and one is my girlfriend. Also, ont he computer(s) with shares, make certain that the users (or a group that the users are a member of) have appropriate access to the shares.
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                Number 4 is important with XP.

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                  well well well.. fnally I got it! Thanks a lot guys! Much appreciated!