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  • via 500mhz fanless......

    So a while ago I got this motherboard, like mayber 2 years ago. I had only gotten it to post once, and during that one time I even got into windows with an old hard drive. Anyways, After that, I never got a display again. I get no beep codes.

    Fast forwards a couple of months.... I needed an extra stick of pc3200. I pull it out of my carputer. In the other desktop,(intigrated video ect.) I get a no post. I am thinking my new motherboard is toast. I pull out some pc3200 from my other desktop, and it loads up fine.

    Could my no post sitiation be from bad ram? I was not able to try any other ram, but this is my biggest hurdle, getting my carputer to work correctly. That and getting my car back on the road.
    Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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