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  • mirror LCD image

    I want to install a rearview camera and i dont like the keyhole cameras and they also dont fit in my "keyhole". So i want something smaller but the smaller (and normal cameras) dont have mirror image so the image on the LCD is not what i would see in my mirror. I have searched all over and I just cant find anything to put between the camera and the LCD that would mirror/inverse the image. Do you guys know of anything?

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    do it in software, you'll be able to reverse the image when it gets into your computer.


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      Well I thought about that too but the thing is I dont want to have to turn the computer on everytime I wanna back up. I actually tried a few softwares but I dont like the whole dealy and everything. I want the image to come on my LCD when I put into reverse. You know waht I mean?


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        NiteMax cameras have a wire on the LCD Controller that "mirrors" the image on the LCD when it is disconnected. If the size of the NiteMax LCD is okay, you'd be able to use one of those.


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          thanks mark, i am also checking the Night Vision topic.