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  • LED Display?

    I've been to a few more 'relavent' forums to pose a few questions and it seems to me that the mp3car forum ROCKS compared to most others.... so excuse me if this is a bit OT, but I'll try to formulate the question to make it feel warm, fuzzy and maybe a bit more carputer related.

    I would like an LED display (or something similar) that would output an interface similar to that of iPod's interface.

    I'd like:
    1) the interface w/ playlist browsing ( i plan on ssh or ftping to edit playlists and relavent files).

    well I guess that's it, since my other 'wants' are way OT... Trying to keep all happy Any ideas on hardware and software? I don't want this machine to have a monitor, so the display would be the only jive seen.

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    centrafuse has lcd/vfd support but not as fancy as an ipod interface.. i think that would be asking for a lot. you'd have to probably mkae your own front end and get a mini lcd display
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