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Desktop in 'burb: dc-dc or inverter?

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  • Desktop in 'burb: dc-dc or inverter?

    I am temporarily putting a desktop PC in my Suburban for a trip (plan to make a portable setup later - maybe mac mini). The question is if I should get like a 500W inverter or a dc-dc solution? I will be running a 17" lcd off a 300w inverter.

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    if its a fully spec'd desktop pc, u might be better off with an inverter.. but u already know that 'cos u read the faqs and u searched. :P

    that said, some of the newer DC-DC options may work for u too.. what are the specs of ur desktop pc?
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      dude if your only doing it temporary than go with a nice inverter. about 800 watts maybe. double it up to be sure and safe. if you were going permanent id definitely say dc to dc. but in your case dc to dc is expensive for one time use. go with inverter and do a more permanent setup later.
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        The system is a 3800+ X2 w/ 7800gt and a 450w ps so yes, it is pushing the amps. I picked up an 800w inverter last night so, I am going to test it today and see how it works.

        I plan to build a more permanent option with an old Athlon XP cpu I have and a mini ATX mb. I just need something to play music and DVDs while driving over 2000 miles