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Too many USB devices

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  • Too many USB devices

    Alright I have about 13 USB Devices, which i need connected to my pc
    4 1.1 devices
    1.1 Keyboard lighted
    1.1 Videogame Joystick/controller
    1.1 calculator
    1.1 touchscreen

    7 2.0 devices
    2x 2.0 Webcam
    2.0 DVD Burner
    2.0 CF Reader
    2.0 ipod
    2.0 flashdrive
    2.0 printer

    2 devices which only require power
    Power phone
    Power Bluetooth headset

    I'm wondering if anyone has a good solution for how I should connect / power these. My PC is mounted in my trunk, and I drive a honda civic, (about 10' cable length is required to get to my dash, which is where these will be connected, all except for the cf reader). The only thing i've thought of so far was to buy a pci card with 5 usb 2.0 ports run 5 10' extension cables, and run a unpowered 4 port usb hub to the front of the car for the 1.1 devices.
    I was also wondering what kind of stress this might put on my opus 150. Thanks

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    get a hub or 2 with external power (12V or 5V) and get a dedicated PSU for them
    Causa latet vis est notissima

    VIA SP13000
    1GB DDR400
    Slimline Slot-load DVD-RW
    60GB 2.5 Inch SATA 5400RPM
    Dual Active PCI riser
    PCI TV/FM card
    Logisys FP800
    Thermaltake VFD Media Lab


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      That is what I was considering doing originally, but do you think that in conjuction with each other they will use too much of the bandwith? i.e. dvd and two webcams on the same cable together. Thanks
      and can you suggest a dedicated 5 volt psu


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        well hopw many usb ports do you have?

        you need to look at how much you will use each item and how muchbandwidth and power they need if usb powered. (the max any item will draw is 500mA).

        Put things like DVDs on their own port if possble - shared only with occasional an/or low bandwidth devices.

        For the usb 1.1 devices you list I would go with a powered hub.

        The most all those devices will draw is 3.5A + a little bit for the powered hubs. YOu can connect the hub power input to the opus directly and switch them to powered. But the actual max with all running will be less than 3.5A and you wont be using all at the same time.

        I would try it and if you get problems try something like the carnetix POL 5V for things like the DVD drive as these will be the most power hungry. You can switch this using your opus and a relay.


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          Okay so what i'm wondering is, is it the cable that places the limit on the bandwith, or is it the usb 2.0 bus?

          If it's the cable, then simply giving them each their own port will solve my problem (but I will have to run many extension cables).

          Or is it the bus that limits the amount the bandwith? In this case I would need a minimum of two more usb 2.0 cards.

          I will be using the dvd drive frequently and the webcams and cf reader constantly.



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            well 1st off. dont run a usb powered device more than 5m from the port. 2-3 is best.

            and how many damn usb ports have you got?

            the port will limit the bandwidth. ie you dont want your DVD and webcams on the same port. DVD needs a high sustained transfer rate - firewire is much better for this so if you have that use it.


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              Sorry I did'nt respond with how many USB ports I have!
              a) I forgot (completely my fault)
              b) It's freezing and storming outside rain/snow/sleet/wind (where my pc is)
              c) But, I have 6 2.0/1.1 ports with the Intel ICH4 Chipset

              Unfourtantely the motherboard is a cheap micro-atx board I bought two-ish years ago (intel) so no firewire.

              The devices wont be run more than 5m. But is that distance for data or power?

              ps - thanks for helping


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                not sure about the distance but I would say a combination of both. power will drop and the data will be messed up.

                6 ports!!!! you have nothing to worry about.

                run the 1.1 devices off a single powered hub.

                Then run the DVd drive off a usb2 port (powered by the opus - you can splice into the USB cable at the PC end or run a cable up).

                Then hub the webcams off another powered hub.

                then run the other stuff off another powered hub.

                You may be able to combine the latter 2 hubs into one but look for some cheap hubs. that uses 4 ports and leaves you 2 for other devices neat the Pc you might add - eg wifi or bluetooth.


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                  you could also elect to split the webcams up but they should not be stressing the usb2 bandwidth tbh. YOu should be able to run the webcams, CF and other usb2 stuff off one port but that would require a 6 port hub so getting 2 fours might be easier and should be better.


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                    Awesome that should be easy enough.

                    Just purchased a powered hub off ebay. 7 ports (overkill but happened to be cheapest, and ship from the USA) and is powered.

                    When you say splice into the usb cable at the end, are you talking about cutting the ac-dc adapter and splicing the cable onto the power of the usb cable? (for clarification, connecting the power input of the drive which looks like a standard little circle with the pin in the center, to the 5v/grd power wires on the usb?)

                    Thank you for all your help.

                    ps the CF card reader is what im inteding to boot off of. =)


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                      For the DVD - if it is slim and takes the power from the USB (5V) then yes you can splice into the USB - or it may be easier to make a new lead if the usb2-IDE adapter has the option of external power.

                      For the hubs just connect some power into the DC in jack - dont mess with the usb - it wont work if you switch the hub to powered mode.

                      And if you boot off the CF drive consider connecting it like the DVD drive.


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                        personally I would not boot off a CF drive.


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                          I did'nt quite grasp what you were saying about the dvd drive. It is an external dvd usb 2.0 with external ac-dc power adapter.
                          Why dont you suggest booting off of a cf?


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                            if it has an external PSU then just wire up to that. less risky. Is it a 12V or 5V in? (ie full size or laptop)

                            As for the CF - have you disabled writing to the disk? if you havent you will easily exceed the memories write limit.

                            I just prefer good old HDDs connected to IDE or SATA. Dont like USB to be honest.


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                              understanadable not to like cf i suppose. The drive is a slimline/slot load dvd drive. I suppose that makes it laptop. One way or another it takes 5 volts, i havent measured but the ac-dc transformer says it outputs 5 volts