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hard wiring power inverter

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  • hard wiring power inverter

    So i've got a power inverter like this one.
    Is the 12 volt cigarette jack in the car regulated? Or can this be wired straight to the battery?

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    That is a very small unit, probably for very small loads.

    The cig lighter is not regulated.
    It could be wired to the battery but I do not think it will be worth the effort.
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      LOL! Of course its worth the effort, im doing it for a reason.

      I bought a cigarette lighter extension cable, for something else, but i still have the socket (port) and raw cables. Which means i can plug this inveter into the socket and the wires to the battery.

      The actual inverter i have is 175 rms. I only want to run a few devices, which drawl minimal power. Such as powered usb hubs, and a usb 5v dvd drive.

      Anyways would it help to put a 12 v regulator into the + line ?


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        no, it shouldnt need regulated power. I figure anything with a male cigarette lighter plug is designed to handle standard car voltages.


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          It is questionable as to whether you would want to leave this inverter running straight from the battery all the time. How long will your battery last if you leave it on and don't start the car for a few days?


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            Yea, if you wire it to the battery I'd turn it off when I'm out of the car or put in a relay or other switch to shut it off.
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