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Bootup hangs on "Boot From CD" prompt....

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  • Bootup hangs on "Boot From CD" prompt....

    Hey folks,

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this problem before....

    I have an SP13000, with a Panasonic slim DVD drive in a USB enclosure. In the BIOS, I have the 1st boot device being the DVD drive, and 2nd device being the internal HDD.

    When I boot up the PC with a bootable CD in the drive, it will boot to the CD perfectly. When I boot up the PC with the USB enclosure powered off, it boots up to Windows XP perfectly. However, when I boot up the PC with the USB enclosure powered on and NO CD in the drive, it just hangs at the "Boot from CD" prompt. I tried pressing "n", "esc", "y", "enter"....nothing seems to wake it up. Sometimes, if I stick in a bootable CD at this point, it continues the boot process, but that is sporadic.

    On a normal PC, when there's no CD in the drive, the boot process realizes that and boots from the second device. Is this acting different because of the USB enclosure involved?

    Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    why are you booting from a cd?
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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      Haha, good question...

      It's actually only for emergencies. My goal is to have a bootable CD with a ghost image of my C: drive on it. If for some reason my C: drive dies when i'm in the car, i'd like to be able to slap in the bootable CD, reset the CarPC and have the ghost image automatically restore itself.

      The problem is that I always need the boot process look at the CD as the 1st device in the BIOS. Realistically, this problem can be solved by getting of my a$$ and buying a keyboard....then in that situation, i'd just boot into the BIOS, change the boot order, and reboot.

      But I'm just trying to be fancy!


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        stop being lazy and change the boot order lol
        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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          Hahaha, that's my last resort...

          You gotta admit, it'd be so much cooler if I didn't have to touch anything....slap in a CD, wait a couple minutes and have a brand new drive.

          And isn't the 'coolness factor' the whole reason for having a CarPC!?!


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            yeah but its making it unstable. thats sucks
            i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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              Man... could be a lot of things. Does you BIOS see the HD and does it boot fine when you change the boot order? Are your drives on the same controller? If it's not, I have seen the IRQ of the second controller make life a bit funky; but we're talkin' 10+ years ago.

              Things I'd try:
              1) change the jumper settings on the drive to master if it's on CS
              2) if that does nothing, put the optical drive on the same controller and make sure CS isn't selected... hard-set the drives to master and slave.

              That's a start... could tell us if it's the drive or the controller or the bios.... a very last resort would be a bios update, but I'd wait on that.
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                Thanks for the suggestions....I'll give them a shot.

                But yeah, it totally boots fine when the boot order is changed to HDD 1st. Hell, it boots fine with CD 1st as long as there is a CD in the drive. So that tells me that the whole process is working.....but when there's no CD, it just hangs. That's what's buggin me the should be a straightforward check when the CD is the first boot device: If CD is in drive, boot from CD. Else, boot from 2nd device.

                It's the same famous Panasonic DVD/CD-RW drive sold on MP3CAR and DigitalWW, only it's in a USB enclosure. I know another guy with the same setup and he's having the same issue. Just wondering if it's just the combination of hardware i'm using.....any one else have that setup?


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                  it must be the usb enclosure not reporting the drive's condition properly. Like it assumes theres a disk in there and is waiting for data.

                  I'd try a different usb case maybe. But it usually takes hours to restore a disk image from cd, are you going to just drive around that whole time? I dont really get the coolness factor you're going for.


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                    In addition, you may need to have USB boot enabled in the BIOS, and USB device or external device (different BIOS setups list it differently) setup as the primary boot device.

                    Personally, I wouldn't want to have a USB device even as an option for a bootable device. But that's my preference.
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                    How about the Wiki?

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                      Image restore is small, due to it being only the OS/Apps drive. Just ran the re-image and it took under 2 minutes. So say I'm on a long road trip, computer crashes, boots back up with a chkdsk, repairs some truncated files and I find my OS pooched....I slap in the CD, and in 2 minutes, a fresh working OS and I'm back in business. Just preparing for worst case scenarios one wants to be SOL on a 16-hour drive!

                      And USB CD-ROM is the one enabled in the BIOS for sure. The only reason i'm using the external USB CD-ROM is because of space restrictions in my case....otherwise, it'd be an IDE for sure, and i'd avoid all these problems.

                      I think my best bet is to keep a small keyboard in the car and keep the boot order as HDD 1st. In the unlikely event of a major crash, I'll just pull out the keyboard, boot to the BIOS, change the boot order, then reboot with the image CD. A little extra work, but the same result.