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    Does anybody know what size screw is needed to use these holes? I tried using calipers to measure the one screw I have that fits, but I'm not hitting on anything exactly. If it's metric, I think it might be an M2, but I'm not sure. Any info would help. Thanks.

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    I dont know the exact size, but I have a crapload of them. They are super short, and beware, if you use screws only a slightly bit longer, the disks will not spin...


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      I think I figured it out after pulling up specs for measuring screws. My calipers read 1.90mm when I measure the screw, so it's a M2 screw.

      I think the screw I have is 2mm long, which is just short enough to not work with the case I'm using, so I ordered some 3mm long screws. Thanks for the info Vinister! I almost ordered the 4mm long screws just to be safe, but they probably would be too long.