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Nicorolla's Turn On / Shutdown Controller

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  • Nicorolla's Turn On / Shutdown Controller

    Regarding post

    Attached you will find a diagram I produced that mimics the physical layout I plan to use with my CarPC. I'll be mounting the relays to the inside of the case, and using the appropriate motherboard com-port header “pin-8” directly.

    Anybody know if I can take the indicated grounds from the "85" posts of the relays and connect them to the two black wires on the male molex power supply plug I'll be using, or do they have to go to the vehicle chassis ground (or maybe battery ground)? Perhaps I can use the PS ground if the case is common ground to the vehicle chassis? Also, did I interpret Nicorolla's design properly? Also, does this have to be setup for Com-1 to work?

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        i can't see why it wouldn't work, Relays use about 200mA (x2 400mA), the power supply is designed to ground it's power at peak load so in theory it should work no problem. if you are unsure though, to avoid any bad surprises, i would suggest you ground your relays on the casing and ground the casing on the chassis. thats the bulletproof way of doing it.