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audigy USB doesn't support bass/treble?

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  • audigy USB doesn't support bass/treble?

    i installed the USB Audigy 24bit sound card, not the NX, and it works fine and whatnot, however there is no bass or treble control without going into "mediasource" and i dont want that, I'm using Mobile Impact as my frontend, and it has a built in EQ and it says there is no bass/treble support, and the slider is grayed out, in windows' own audio equalizer under the advanced tab, the bass and treble are grayed out as well, and the only thing i can do is adjust master volume...i doubt that this card doesn't support bass/treble support because the mediasource EQ can adjust it, but the windows based one can't (mobile impact uses the windows based sound config or whatever you call it)

    i'm going to try and reinstall the drivers and everything and hopefully that will fix it, but if anyone has any input, or has run into the same issue please let me know, thank you.