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Alternator Whine.... I can't fix it!! Please help

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  • Alternator Whine.... I can't fix it!! Please help

    Hey all..

    I have read lots and lots of forums here and i think my situation is a little different..

    I have an in dash dvd with rca aux inputs.. i have a motherboard, powersuppy mounted in the boot of my car running of an inverter.

    I have a standard 3.5m plug to 2x rca lead running from the onboard soundcard to the aux in on the headunit..

    Now i had a lot of noise at first, which i managed to reduce most of it by grounding the pc powersupply..

    My main problem is when i start my car i get alternator whine.
    I have subs & amps.. but these are disconnected, so they shouldn't matter.

    The flow of things.... Direct battery to the inverter, then to the pc psu, then to the motherboard, then to the headunit..

    It's got me lost.. I know this is a common problem, but a lot of people say use a ground loop filter b4 their amps... would i just use one b4 the head unit?

    I really got no idea.. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Are your power wires ran next to your RCA wires? Is your inverter properly grounded? is your headunit properly grounded? Most headunits have a built in amplifier that will amplify any noise that is fed to them.
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      what they said, plus the draw on your alternator may be too great, get a better on and a yellow top battery


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        I've never heard of someone using a ground loop isolator and having it completely solve their alternator whine. (But I'm sure it has happened) Personally, I had bad alternator whine introduced by a ground loop isolator. So I would definitely vote against one.

        You could look into a grounding kit, or better grounds for each and every one of your devices. Best to do both. Then just make sure your power wires are as isolated as possible from your RCAs and you should be golden.

        Let us know how it goes.
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          Make sure that no power lines run in parallel to any audio lines (min distance 8"). If you must, then aim to cross at right angles at least as possible. This usually solves it. I always run my power lines on one side of the car, and audio lines on another.
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