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Mp3car store mb 896

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  • Mp3car store mb 896

    Does this mb come with an heatsink? Can I use this mb in the ampie case? thanks

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    It doesn't even come with a CPU. A motherboard without integrated CPU doesn't come with a heatsink.
    If you buy the CPU in retail packaging, it will come with an appropriate heatsink.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I received an old pentium-m doothan 1.5 Ghz, it was a gift from my friend. But without heatsink, in an european shop, they sell mini itx mb from commel, with heatsink.


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        But beware, most pentium M cpu's do not come with heatsinks, you will have to get one separately.

        Yes that board will fit into the ampie as long as you get a low profile cpu cooler, but I would go with a low speed CPU to keep the heat down as there really isnt a lot of breathing room in that case.
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          I think it is a low speed CPU, it is 2 years old, so I think if this cpu worked in a laptop without space, it also can work in a ampie case... sorry for my poor english


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            this is the commel mb. it comes with alu cooler