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in car network, anyone?

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  • in car network, anyone?

    O.K., so I've wanted to setup a networked install in a vehicle since around 02', as I posted on this cardomain page back then, this was way before I even knew about BTW, that astro is still sitting in a garage somewhere waiting for it's turn to be finished, second page of that cardomain thing has pictures of another old caddy that I had before the minivan I now have.... I haven't touched that page in years, until today that is....

    so, after several years of thinking about it, I'm finally doing it, thanks in part to my new d-link kr1 mobile wireless router & a netgear networked hardrive array...

    the end result will be 3 pc's all networked.... one main in dash for general use.... one rear mounted unit for rear seat independance, & third down the road will be for a replacement instrament panel gauge assy replaced with an lcd with an obdII dashboard interface..... on it's own stripped down system for reliabilty as it serves a more critical function...

    what I'm wondering is if there are any other networked installs that anyone has seen... in addition to the three onboard pc's my truck is now a mobile hot spot, & I can remote start her & watch movies from the trucks hardrive in someone elses house while visiting

    I'd like to hear others ideas for networking an install.... or opinions why this isn't such a good idea I guess...., not that I'd listen to those opinions
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    I'd just have to ask if it's worth it to have wireless inside a car. I'd recommend doing wired, especially if you're going to do a lot of across-the-network usage of files. You could still offer a WAP for passengers or something but let's face it - three network cables that are maybe 10ft long at most would be cheaper and faster than a wireless setup.

    Now, receiving wireless is great. An antenna in the car to hook up to the house's wireless network to do sync'ing and general internet useage is almost required at this point.
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      turbo, i think you need a couple more devices in your extravagent setup:

      Location Free TV:
      I like the idea of setting of having a tablet style portable screen in vans/trucks, and the 2nd gen sony's that just came out are pretty slick. Assuming you already have high speed access in the car ("mobile hotspot") you could setup the base unit hooked to your cable box and stream live tv or dvr recordings to your car. aside from the large sat dish domes that sit onthe roof its the best way to get live tv in car. Plus the screen units are highly portable, can connect to wireless access points and access the base station on your home network, also have browswers and touchscreens.

      Your already planning a 3 pc setup, might as well add a pda with integrated wifi (not that expensive anymore). A pda is a great secondary display for nav or track info, or just as a remote. hard wire a docking cradle (until these are available: )


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        Sounds like he may indeed have the three compuers wired in addition to the wireless. At any rate, hell yes it's worth it to have a wireless access point. I use my good antenna to pull in a good signal from a distant ap, then I have my own ap so my laptop with the ****ty built-in antenna can use the internet anywhere around my car.


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          yeah, the router is wireless, but it also has 4 ethernet ports that will wire these togeather, this router is really cool, all you have to do is stick an activated wireless evdo card in it's slot.... on powerup it's basically a linux machine.... it boots, then connects & monitors the connection, if the connection drops it reconnects.... nice piece... kinda like the stompbox, but pre built & configured for around $250 complete.... side benifit of freeing up some pc resources including the pc slot the evdo card used to take...

          I originally considered adding a real video card to the existing laptop, but the price of that plus the lcd for a rear setup is almost as much as adding another whole laptop, & the benifits of an independant machine for the rear are alot....

          as far as the third for an instrament cluster lcd, that one will be mission critical really, as it's more than just entertainment, that one will be performing actual vehicular functionality... so I want a dedicated stand alone machine, probably running linux if I can get it configured for strictly obdII data interface, this machine should be minimal, dedicated & reliable with quick boot times.... I could then use a kvm switcher if I want anything else displayed on that screen... for a machine like that I would probably turn to these boards on mp3car to find a linux guru to actually set that machine up...... if I don't get anywhere with linux then I may have to resort to an xp install on that machine, but that would probably not be as good for reliability & speed...

          d2.n, that sony setup looks like a good posibilty I guess, but I'm thinking more of this for that type of use..... that won't restrict you the a single sony screen, & give you remote cable anywhere you have an internet connection, high bandwidth of course..., it looks like a cool concept, just don't know how reliable it will be on the move through evdo, one day I'll get one & play with it....

          roof mounted satillite recievers have come a long way, & can be pretty slim & low profile, but still WAY to huge for me to consider putting on my roof, I have considered it, but it's just way too visable... even on a minivan...
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          first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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            what year was that brougham? [sorry for going o/t]
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              90 or 91... I still have it sitting in a lot, it's full of equiptment, those pictures are real old, it has since gotten a full alpine multimedia setup with a screen that pops up out of the dash, the trunk is full of old school ppi art series amps....., I just stopped driving it when I got the minivan.... I have a pretty modified 83 coupe that I plan on transfering the bulk of the system into someday(car in my sig, "first win carpc") like I don't have enough projects maybe?

              I thought about just selling it complete, but the car itselfs worth **** & the equiptment is worth way more than the car itself, so until I can part it out it sits.....
              MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

              first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D