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Trying $145 Migrus P4 itx for second install

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  • Trying $145 Migrus P4 itx for second install

    This will be my second attempt to install a computer into my truck; need to say thanks to everyone on all the input so far on my successful first system. Anyway, time for a dedicated rig more like some of the installs from this site.
    I decided to go for a p4 and won a bid off ebay for a 2.2/migrus itx/pw200 package for 250. The only thing I could find about the board in addition to a list of specs in addition to a complaint on this site about ram staying in place, but haven't ran into that problem myself. figured I did good on the price, but I pretty much chucked the pw-200 after reading up on it. Any taker's?.. name a price and we'll talk.

    My take on the board, and forgive me as everything I've learned is self thought through trial and error or reading up on this site. Well, it seems to be power hungry, even with standard psu's. I have two computers at home: both amd's with one a 2600xp atlhlon the other 2100xp. Neither power supply would run this itx despite one at 300 and the other 200, not sure what the amps on the 12v rail was. I tried the pw200 with the engine off and it boot up with with one 3.5 inch hard drive and only keyboard and touch working, the gps got a slight dim light but I guess there was not enough power get it going. Also, there wasn't a card in the pci slot and only had one dim avl which was taken by 256 stick. Anyway, got a new mini-atx psu at 325 watts for 20 bucks and that fired it up with 2 usb hubs that have like 6 devices hooked up running off the bus power no prob. I'll stick with this since I already have a 325 watt inverter. The roar of all the fans is annoying, but my truck is loud anyway.

    As for the migrus, it boasts all the standard parts with sound and video onboard. The primary controller uses the notebook 2.5 inch standard and secondary is the normal desktop form allowing up to 4 drives combined. The video is a intel 845gs that only gabs 1 or 4 megs max shared out of the 256 I have in the single dimm. It is capable of tv output through composite or s cable, but not the same time as vga output which sucks. However, I never expected any tv capabilities since, funny enough, it's not listed in any of the specs.. I never felt at a loss even at 4 megs the system runs smooth. It's size is dominated by the p4 fan but falls in the 16X16mm itx standard, just maybe a bit taller. The only pci is taken up by a philips 705 soundcard. The onboard sound has 5.1 with 3 plugs in the rear and a composite that can be toggled input or output. I tried out the sound and it seemed ok; but since I'm a fan of the 705's 3d capabilities and had one form the previous build I used that. There are also pin attachments on the board to provide dedicated rear, line in, and center/sub which I believe would have to be bought separate in a package cable deal from a distributor. Also onboard is two serial pin spots but there isn't and actual plug in the rear which sucked for my hybrid mx1000 cable; I bought a serial to usb converter for that. There are two 2.0 usb plugs available with pins for an additional two on the board. However, my cable doesn't fit and there's is no diagram as to which pin is what. Anyway, I found the price for a new board at 145 at I guess it's a normal p4 board just in itx form. I'll post picks of my install but I'm liking this cheap small p4 board. It's the only intel and only itx I ever messed with but love the fact I could stash it away out of sight. Any takes, am I missing something? anyone know about this board at all? I t has a one year warranty, but I bought it used off ebay. I'll post some pics on e-bay when I get my cam back form my g/f. LAter
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    link no worky
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      motherboard I have sold here for 130
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