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  • Need help deciding on mobo

    Hi guys,

    I have a 7" (widescreen) Xenarc touchscreen and i've purchased an M2-ATX PSU DC-DC psu so far.

    I have been looking for a 'compatible' VIA EPIA mobo and have seen mixed opinions regarding achieving 800x480 widescreen res on the VIA's.

    Basically, I'm looking at via mobos around 1-1.7ghz and hoping to use onboard vid + audio. I'm going to be hooking up a 2.5" notebook hdd, a USB BT dongle and a USB wifi card.

    Could you guys please suggest a couple of processor+mobo combos for me which are capable of 800x480 widescreen res's from their onboard vid?

    Price range is anything below USD$300? I'm located in Australia and the only mini-itx combo's we can get locally are VIA EPIA's and I dont really want to go through the hassle of ordering from a US supplier.

    My users for the carputer will be only:
    1) Playing DVDs, DivX, etc.
    2) Playing mp3's
    3) Connecting to the home network via wifi

    Operating system will be a streamlined version of WinXP pro.

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    Hey Kunz,

    I was in your shoes about a month ago. I know you wanted Via, but any chance you have a distributor who can get you a Aopen Pandora. The benifits of this machine are many. You get a pentium M board and a DVD/CDR-W drive in the package for $279 USD. It is smaller then Mini ITX and has more computing potential. The CPU's are cheap on ebay as well.

    I looked into going the via SP13000 route and this just was a cheaper alternative all around since I did not need to buy a case or optical drive.

    The only downside so far is that the stock resolution is 800X600 and not 800x480. However there is a thread that shows some hope on how to set up a custom resolution in the graphics driver. I have not tried it since I just got all my hardware and will be installing the OS tomorrow.

    Also, one downside for you will be that you may have to sell the M2 power supply you have and purchase a Carnetix P1900 instead.

    Best regards,



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      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, there seems to be no Aopen distrobuters in Australia :\

      Having widescreen capability (800x480) is a must.

      These are teh boards I can get: (can someone please confirm which one are capable of 800x480)

      EPIA MII12000
      EPIA MII6000E
      EPIA ML6000EA
      EPIA MS12000
      EPIA-SP13000 (some people have gotten it to work in this board apparently)

      Which out of the above do you guys recommend?


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        EPIA MII12000 does not support any widescreen format. I've found out the hard way. And it is not supported by powerstrip.

        And... Bios suggests that you can get RGB output. Chipset and bios support RGB but there is no output.

        If someone has a driver for that board I would like to know.
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          can't help you with video resolution, but look for a board with the newer C7 processor.

          You might also want to look at the Phylon boards:


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            Anyone wants to buy a MII12000? It's brand new!
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