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Starting up lilliput screen without button PCB?

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  • Starting up lilliput screen without button PCB?

    I have just followed the instructions to disassemble my lilliput screen from the digitalww site. No problems, havent broken any cables (at least visibly). Someone has taken the front frame, including the PCB with the buttons on to make a template for this project.

    Now i put the screen back with the main PCB, plugged in the main ribbon cable very carefully alongside the normal cables. Plugged in to power supply and VGA but nothing?! So my question is does the screen need that button PCB to complete a certain circuit to make it work or have i just stuffed the screen somehow?!

    p.s. before i took it apart it was working fine and i software set the screen to auto power on

    Please help!!!!

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    Yes, it needs that button PCB to work. And if you are not carefull putting it back correctly, it won't work.
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      I had my Lilliput working OK without the button board, until I did an engine crank with the PC on. Then the Lilliput lost the VGA signal momentarily and automatically switched to another video source. I had to reconnect the buttons to switch the source back to VGA. But prior to that, it would work without the board.


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        Thanks for your replies guys, the embedded pc and screen are to be used for my final year project at uni - making an 'active pictureframe' like those digital pictureframes when you can put the memory card in from a camera and it displays the pictures. Except this is connected to the net via wifi and using PHP and Ming builds dynamic slideshows of whatever the user inputs.

        The main demo is in 2 weeks and i thought id screwed up the screen, serious stress as i cant afford another one! But i got the board back and after much fiddling got it to work, somehow its forgotten to auto-power on which is why it wasnt doing anything with the pc.

        Have been meaning to make a carpc for a while but havent had the funds, but after the project is done [if i get to keep the bits] im gonna make a start one for the latest automotive additions to the family!

        Again thanks for the replies and i love the site, you all seem really helpful from reading alot of the posts. Be back soon for advice i imagine !