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Insignia MP-101 cd and usb volume issues PLZ help me

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  • Insignia MP-101 cd and usb volume issues PLZ help me

    Hi guys, PLEASE help me with this prob im going nutz! all help is appreciated!

    Im having a problem with my Insignia MP-101 car deck. I know its a cheap model but i just bought because it has a USB slot and was really cheap!

    But since i bought it, i have had a problem with the cd and USB play volume. For the radio it works perfectly! For example, when the volume is at like 30 (max volume is 100), the volume is really loud. But when i put a cd in or plug in my usb, i hear nothing at 30. I have to turn it up to max (100) just to hear a little bit of sound. So before i turn the radio back on i have to turn the volume back down to around 30 or else i might blow my speakers.

    Ive installled it on 2 cars so far and it does the same thig on both cars. I bought it at best buy but the best they can do is give me store credit which i dont want. I want a USB port thats why i bought this and they dont have another one with a USB port thats cheap.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.


    ps. sorry if this is in the wrong section or anything else, im new here.