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no vga signal problem

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  • no vga signal problem

    Hey guys

    I just got the following comp:

    Working P3 800Mhz
    GA 60X Motherboard
    256mb PC133 SDRAM
    Quantum Fireball 10GB HDD
    S3 AGP Video Card
    10/100 Network card
    Floppy Drive

    works fine on the bench but when I plug it into my car via a m2-atx 160w and it sounds like its booting up, but i get no vga signal

    Is this a power issue? If so, any suggestions? Cant really unplug much...

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    Why not plug back the AC PSU to see what going on if you suspect it's power problem?

    To me, it more likely a problem of loose connections.
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      it works fine with the ac psu plugged in on my bench

      move it to the car, plug in the m2-atx and nooo vga signal

      ill try it again tonight!


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        youre not hooking up anything like composite video? that was my prob
        carputer - done.