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Oops... ran 12v thru my dlink hub

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  • Oops... ran 12v thru my dlink hub

    I was a dumbass and ran a 12v line to my dlink powered hub. I had my gps and various other small devices connected to it. I'm pretty sure they're all fried cause none are detectable by windows anymore (if anyone wants to fix the gps i'll sell cheap!). The lights on the gps and other devices come on but windows cant find them. I'm wondering tho would there be someway to fix the hub? The other devices have a faint burn smell to them but the hub doesnt. i havent tried applying 5v to it yet, but is it possible that it could still work? I've looked it over thoroughly and i dont see any burnt traces. The little cap looks fine and like i said there's no smell.whats the chances that the hub just sent the power on thru to the usb devices without damaging itself? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    yes, its possible
    carputer - done.