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Why dont we abandon the AM/FM Radio hunt and just skip right to HD RADIO?

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  • Why dont we abandon the AM/FM Radio hunt and just skip right to HD RADIO?

    I think we need to take one of the HD RADIO Kenwood units and adapt a serial connection. I would say that 90% of the FM stations in my area are already HD and about 50% of the AM radio stations are.
    Granted that the Kenwood unit is approx 200 dollars but we would get perfect radio reception
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      we only have 1 HD station, and i live in the second largest city in georgia.. i know that doesnt say much, but some of us are bound by our longitude and latitude to cheesy am/fm
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        I don't see the point in paying for a unit so that I can have perfect clarity while listening to annoying DJs and stupid commercials. Since having access to MP3s and XM in my car I haven't turned to FM in over a year.


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          its free, AM/FM local radio statiosn provide important area specific news, and some peopl eliek the humanity DJ's bring to nothign more than a slew of music. not to mention the contests and givaways and stuff. Then again, if you have a carputer, unless you want to know what new song you may want to DL, like bobkatt, unless my ppc "carputer" ran out of juice or i was lazy, FM didn't exist. 30gb of music that some fo you guys have...please. But regular radio modulations have their place
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            Well i would have to agree that i have not used FM or AM in years.. since XM and my car pc.. however i am trying to squeeze every function out of my car pc. If you look at the past projects to get regular am/fm we are looking to spend anywhere from 100-500 dollars for a really effective fm unit. If you searcho n ebay 200 bucks will get you a Kenwood HD radio unit, as well as breakthrough technology.

            This might not be for everyone but it will provide an alternative..
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              I've been hinting at this for a while also. The HD tuners will receive the standard AM/FM signals if the HD signal is not present. Ibiquity is working on on a tuner box like the XMdirect that can be adapted to all aftermarket head units, so I would think it won't be long before someone makes an adapter.


              Alpine has released the TUA-T500HD for around $249. If only we had a working AI-Net adapter.

              Over in this forum:


              Guiri claims to have an adapter and software working, but he's not been on in a while.
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                Someone needs to order a few of those
                It does both analog AND digital radio.

                They've got a few variations of that unit, even one that can mix the analog and the digital parts.
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