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    Attempted a search, but dosnt seem to work on the new form.
    I have a Arm GX1 mini comp under my passenger seat and I was jus wondering what is the normal, high ,and dangerous operating temperatures of the cpu, motherboard, and case of that computer. I use MBM5 to see my temps and I get them up to about 130. Just some advice on good temps and how to cool it off would be nice....

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    You forgot to mention the type of CPU that your running. Different CPU's have different operating and danger temperatures.

    I'd say the best thing that you can do is have a nice amount of air flow going through the box to keep the system cool. Being inside the cabin means that its going to be air con'ed in summer (presuming that you have air conditioning). But having it on the floor its going to pick up some heat as the floor of a car gets hot when driving around in summer. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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      What processor are you using? Here are a couple links to get you started:

      1: Adding an extra case fan always helps the overall temperature.
      2: Make sure you have some thermal paste inbetween your CPU and heatsink, good stuff can take several degrees off the operating temp.
      3: Upgrade your heatsink.
      4: If you try to cram alot of stuff into a little case the airflow can be hindered. Getting the round IDE cables can help with that, or just fold the IDE cable in half or thirds and wrap tape around it (i've found elecrical tape works well).
      5: Get a program like CPU Idle.
      6: Watercool it! M.A.V.I.C. System
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        The Arm GX1 minipc also goes by the name of Cappuccino or EZgo. Its the tiny all in one pc, preassembled.. 130F doesnt sound too far off for one of those. Its got a p3/celeron in it. 53C is nearing the upper limits of comfortable operation, but its within that range. 60C (140F) is when you should start to look for better cooling (fan next to it?) and 70C (160F) is when you should think about shutting it down.

        You can see it here:

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