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My laptop HDD died on me!! Warranty?

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  • My laptop HDD died on me!! Warranty?

    I'm about to send it for warranty but I want to recover as much data as I can before doing so,,, i have lots of music and lots of coding that I lost (vb carputer software that was like 3/4 finished)

    the hard drive wont spin up, it was in my bag and i guess it hit some how while i was walking,,,, it was in its case and in my bag,,,, what the hell, its not even a year old

    when i plug it in (external case) it makes funny noises, but doesnt spin up.... anything I could do before sending it on warranty?

    This is the first warranty im going to give and im afraid of sending my data I have lots of contacts and lots of family pictures and other stuff I dont want to lose/distribute, is there anything I can do without voiding the warranty, considering that the drive doesnt spin?

    What are companies policies for viewing data on RMA drives? Do they have the right to go through my stuff?

    yeah i know im a little *****y when it comes to stuff like this...

    Thanks everyone...

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    Download Hiren's boot CD. There's tools on there to recover data from a dead drive.



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      If the drive wont spin up your most likely screwed for getting your data off of it unless you want to disassemble it, buy another drive same like and model and swap the platters. Your only other alternative is to send it to a data recovery company which will basically do what I said above, however it will be very expensive.

      People always think I'm crazy when I suggest this but if you have anything of value or high importance make sure it is on at least a Raid 1 Volume.. what that means is 2 drives which mirror each other to show 1 drive, that way if one drive fails physically you still have a complete working backup with 0 downtime etc. I dont suggest raid 1 configuration on your carputer (unless you can really throw some money at it) but I do suggest it for anybody with a desktop with any sort of important information on it to have a raid 1 setup.

      as far as warranty of your laptop harddrive, I dont know for sure what the length of warranty is anymore for all the manufactures because they changed them recently, but you can go to the manufacturers site and punch in your serial number and other information from the drive and it will tell you if its under warraty or not. And no they dont care about your information on your drive, nor will they recover it. they just want to repair it, zero it out (completely erase it) and send it back out for somebody else as a warranty replacement similar to what you'd receive if you sent yours in for warranty. Most companies will also offer an advanced warranty replacement with holding on your credit card number. Good Luck
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        If you swap the hard drive platters, make sure you put it back EXACTLY as you took it apart and make sure everything is PERFECTLY aligned. Otherwize you get some very un-natural sounds. Not like I'd know or anything .
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          A good trick is to stick it in the freezer for a few hours. It might give you just enough time to copy over what you need to a new drive, toss the old and wait for the replacement. It worked for me on a couple occasions.

          aside from that you learned a valuable lesson called the importance of backing up.


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            I'll second the freezer idea.

            Good Luck.
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              another thing that might work as I've done it once before on a failed 3.5" drive, I ran it with 15v & it spun up & read, while at 12v it just clicked....

              WARNING: try this as a last resort & at your own risk, I hold no responsabilty if the little smoke genie gets out
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