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  • best resolution(s): the conclusion

    After spending quite an inordinate amount of time reading through threads about resolutions, (include the 27 page one about the quest for 800x480), I've yet to find a concenus on what resolution looks best for 7" and 8" screens. Given that 800x480 *IS* achievable with a PCI video card, is it worth it over say 800x600 or whatever the next smallest standard resolution is? I've seen people who have achieved it say it's not, yet I keep finding threads about people still trying to achieve it. What's the final word on this subject?

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    I guess the final word would be whatever makes *you* happy. I have 800x480 on my 7", and I'm happy with that. I have to sacrifice space for a AGP, AGP riser, and a fan, but to me it's worth it (and physically possible for the location of my install), but to others it might not be.

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      I'm fine with 800x600 here since I can't do 800x480 on my VIA boards video adapter on my 7" screen. It's not a native widescreen resolution and the text is a little smaller but I only occasionally hop on the internet or check mail with it so it's not a big deal, looks fine with Road Runner since it's simple to just stretch the skins to whatever resolution you're using.
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        I would love to be able to run 800x480 though I have never seen it to know if it is worth it. I will not be able to fit a PCI card in my ampie case though so for the time being I am stuck.
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          I am still in the early planning stages of my car pc, and can really go one of two ways at this point: 1) go integrated - epia or minicp and just deal with non-native resolution or 2) don't go integrated. If it really doesn't matter I'm guessing I'll most likely go with one of Aopen's minipcs. Since I've never done one of these before I really have no basis for comparison to know what makes me happy yet