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BMW owners, i need your help on my install!

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  • BMW owners, i need your help on my install!

    Ok, i own a 2000 bmw 323i (e46), and i'm installing a single din motorized 7" lilliput screen in the dash, the computer is in the trunk. i have VGA and USB running up to the screen, but i am having some problems. mainly, how do i make everything fit in the dash?
    there are like 15 - 20 wires coming out the back of the screen unit. as well as a ton of RCA dongles hanging out the back. Also, i dont know how i can get the VGA and USB and whatnot to come up from inside the dash to the back of the unit. for now i just have them going straight to it, and the unit isn't set inside the dash yet so i can test it. if you guys could provide any pictures or tell me how you did it. or how i can take the dash apart to install it, i would be very greatful.