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    Im looking cost effective way to add several serial ports to comp, rather 9-pins than 25-pins d-plug. Now i know USB adapters exists, but i remember reading that they dont always work quite ok and since im trying to connect to varied legacy devices... plain serials might be preferred... ive seen those pci card with brake-out cable for four serials... but prices seems to be rather varying... any idea where to buy those cheap in EU? also eight port thingy would be actually preferred, if cost per port is not much higher, since it would eat one pci socket less... or do you guys figure out any other way to get more serials? or mayby im wrong and USB-adapters are reliable?

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    I have used a few USB adapters. The newer ones are not that bad and I have found to be quite reliable if installed with the correct driver. I think that is the biggest problem with them. If the driver is not quite right for whatever reason recognition and reliablity falter.

    Are you using USB 1.1 or 2.0, I think the 2.0 units are more reliable...
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