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Output of a 6-channel card

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  • Output of a 6-channel card

    Iīve posted a thread some weeks ago dealing with the same theme but I got no real answer to my question. Iīve also used the search option - I think it hasnīt been answered before.

    To my question:
    6-channel cards like the creative audigy allow to play Dolby Digital Videos e.g. from DVDs - all 6 channels are used. What happens if you just play MP3 ? Does the card just use the 2 front channels or all of them ?
    Donīt get me wrong - I donīt want the card to make a Dolby Digital signal out of the MP3s. I just want to know if itīs possible to use all channels for normal music.

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    I have a sound blaster live 5.1. It has 6 channel output. front L/R Rear L/R center and sub. While playing 2 channel audio it allows me to play audio out just the front speakers, front and rear speakers while providing a fader, and allows me to output a fullrange monoral signal out the subwoffer channel. It provides no crossover settings for the monoral channel but does provide a volume adjust for the sub independent of fader or master volume. Also there is no output from the center channel. There is no provision for any kind of "synthetic" or whatever you want to call it center channel either.

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