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So exactly which one is an AMD XP-M?!

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  • So exactly which one is an AMD XP-M?!

    Alright I've googled, I've searched and I think I have this all figured out...maybe. I'm not 100% sure here but maybe somebody can justify my thinking here...

    So I'm thinking about going with an AMD XP-M setup and have been looking at some CPU/Mobo combos. I've run into a problem trying to figure out which XP-M uses what wattage. I've pretty much settled on this...

    1) Most socket 754 XP-M CPU's are NOT the low wattage CPUs (they run around 72w not 45, 35 or 25). Although they are XP-M chips, they were released as desktop replacements by demand for an unlocked CPU.

    2) The 45 and 35 watt XP-M's are generally going to be the 2500+ or lower CPU's that are Socket A. Generally Barton cores are lower wattage.

    3) Any of the chips can be underclocked it is just a matter of which one you get. Generally however all of them will work OK if run off an M2-ATX or Opus 150 in a conservative system (laptop HD, optical drives, etc.)

    So anybody think that sounds about right or should I just forget about it and go with a Pentium M setup? Thanks guys!

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    sounds about right. But keep in mind the "desktop replacement" xp-m's still put out less than the norm. The setup in my sign runs just fine on an m2 (all that PLUS additional usb devices i have) Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Well If it helps i'm running this setup

      Sempron AMD64 3000+
      AMD Sempron Details
      Processor AMD Sempron
      Model 3000+
      Ordering P/N (Tray) SDA3000AIO2BX
      Ordering P/N (PIB) SDA3000BXBOX
      Stepping E6
      Frequency 1800Mhz
      HT Speed 1600
      Voltage 1.40V
      Max Temp 69°C
      Thermal Power 62W
      L1 Cache 128KB
      L2 Cache 128KB
      CMOS Technology 90nm SOI
      Socket Socket Socket 754

      Gigabyte GA K8N51GMF S754 NF6100
      Powered by the innovative NVIDIA GeForce™ 6100 GPU and nForce™410 MCP, GA-K8N51GMF provides unparalleled graphics features and cutting-edge security in a low profile case. The NVIDIA GeForce 6100 GPU delivers ultra-realistic graphics effects, unmatched multimedia functionality, and the performance you expect for an incredible PC experience. The advanced NVIDIA nForce410 MCP delivers cutting-edge technology such as RAID and MediaShield™ storage, 10/100 Ethernet, and SATA 3Gb/s to this platform. Coupled with the remarkable performance available from AMD Athlon64 technology and the board's extensive functionality, GA-K8N51GMF delivers best value to desktop platform in home & office environments.

      Now I'm also running a sataII 250 gig WD drive (2 year warranty) and the normal screen / gps / lcd 16x2 / etc etc etc ..

      all the abovie is power without any problems by a M2 ATX..

      so not a real answer to your question, but it may help you decided.

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        This site will tell you what processors use what wattage.


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          So does this site:

          I like that one better simply because it's all on one page, making it a lot easier to do comparisons of one CPU vs another.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            Hey guys thanks for the help! I've actually answered my own question and have found what I believe to be the best site listing the XP-M processors yet...


            This one lists the specific CPU, voltage, wattage, etc. It seems quite accurate and is a nice reference.

            Also if you go here:


            and go to the botom under "Detailed x86-ÁP release lists" it gives links to the specs for just about any AMd processor to date. It might not hurt to have some of these pages stickied to help people in the future...