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Spliting power on a PS/2 port...

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  • Spliting power on a PS/2 port...

    I have slimline desktop w/ Keyboard and mouse PS/2 ports. The keyboard has a keyboard plugged in (Duh) and I need to use the Mouse port for a mouse and to supply power to my GPS reciever. I have tried using a "Y" adaptor, the kind for laptops that have only one PS/2 port, but I don't think the GPS will power up on the keyboard port of the adaptor and themouse will not work on the keyboard port of the adaptor.

    So, how do I get the GPS to get power?

    And no I don't have a serial port to move the mouse to and I really don't want to spend $40 on a USB to serial adaptor.

    Any info would be great. Thanks!
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    simple answer...
    hardwire it to the power supply in the computer.

    use the 5v and ground pins from the power supply, it will be switched on and off just like the ps/2 port, plus it will leave the ps/2 open for whatever you want to put on there.

    the data isnt going through the ps/2, all you need is the power.

    well.. thats my idea. if you dont want to cut the cord, pick up a ps/2 cable at the store, cut the end and use the wire to tap the power supply, and thne you have the right kind of connection on the other end.

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      I think I have the same GPS as you.

      I just went to radio shack and bought a usb-ps2 adapter for like $6. it works beautifully.
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        Thanks guys!!!
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