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    Hi all,
    Just thought maybe someone here knows howto or can guide me on what is the best route:
    I kept asking my friend to give me his flat panel LCD dell monitor 15" coz he have like 3. and finaly he called me and told me come pick one.
    i went and unplug it "it was working "
    but when i s=went home and plug it in my pc it's not even powering on all what it does when i plug it in the outlet the power LED will blink 3 times....
    i took it back to his place just to make sure it's not my computer...but it did the samething.....i even open the case to check for the fuse and everything seems working.....
    Anyone here can help me trouble shoot this thing, like replace a diode or and thing like that, i have my first solider when i was 9 yrs old!
    thanks in advance
    HOnda Accord '94