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Motherboard or CPU....which one's dead?!

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  • Motherboard or CPU....which one's dead?!

    So my freinds brother gave him a computer claiming he'd killed it. My friend then comes to me and says, "I have an extra crappy computer, want it?". Being the pack-rat I am, I said surely. Then I get it and read the stats...

    2.8 Intel celeron

    512 MB ram

    70 Gig Hdd.

    I scored big time, I didnt pay a dime. I get it and try booting it up. When it started up, everything booted up fine. Fans spun, everything was powered. But no diagnostic screen came up, no beeps, no nothing! So I figured, great, the motherboard of CPU is dead. I've had this happen to a previous computer, and it turned out being the CPU. But I cant say for sure with this one. My friends brother claimed to 'try to put in ram'. And somehow in the process apparently he wasnt to delicate and broke the motherboard. The CPU doesnt seem to have been OC'd or anything, it shows no PHYSICAL signs of damage. But considering last time this happend, it was the cpu, I cant be for sure it's the mobo. Are there any tell-tale signs of which one is dead? I've also swapped parts with my main computer but i'm not sure if the cpu i compatable with the mobo, etc. So that was pretty much useless. I have no other computers to try it on so, I dont know what to do. Thanks for any input


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    Tried swapping ram from your other PC?
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      I even bought new ram because he had the wrong ram in. So it's not the ram, like I hoped =(.