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What type of memory for MII12000??

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  • What type of memory for MII12000??

    I have done a search and am finding many different results...

    The manufactures website says that the Mobo supports 1 DDR266 DIMM socket.

    I came across a few places that said they used PC3200 RAM, as per spec...

    Now, i know it is usually the case that you can run a higher memory, but the computer will only use the max that it is designed for, but it is the "per spec" statement that has got me confused...

    Can someone tell me which type of memory i need for a MII12000? I want to run a 512mb stick and was looking at.

    Also, the MII12000 is a 172-pin memory module correct? I was looking on places like newegg for cheap memory and it is all 200pin memory for pc2100(DDR226). The only 184pin is PC2700(DDR333)...

    Help me out guys, its been a long time since dealing with this stuff and im getting lost in the numbers.


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    According to the Manual for the Epia-M Series boards:
    The VIA EPIA-M Mini-ITX Mainboard provides one 184-pin DIMM slot
    for DDR266 SDRAM memory modules. pg 2-4
    If you on newegg for speed: DDR 266 (PC 2100) type: 184 pin DDR SDRAM you should find what you are looking for.
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