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mini pc. car pc, desktop pc?

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  • mini pc. car pc, desktop pc?

    So ive been looking around for the best enclosure for m custom system. For a pc Ineed something powerful,,what are the downsides to nuilding a basic home desktop and putting in the car, I mean if space isnt an issue. Will I run into alot of problems finding the dc power for it will it be noisier, ive been looking on this site:

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    You wouldn't be the first person to do that.
    Three things to consider:
    Power - Your car only has so much of it.
    Heat - A computer can only take so much of it.
    Space - You've only got so mcuh

    Remember that high-power PCs also gobble up electricity and generate heat. Realistically, there's no need for a high-power PC in your ride. You're not going to be doing 3-D rendering or playing gamez or dominating the [email protected] stats.
    Build a PC that will do what you need that will fit the parameters you have for power, heat and space, and you're doing good.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      well, I just bought the new truck today 2000 4 runner limited. so space is no problem. The reason im worried about power is becasue when I had my toshiba laptop retrofit setup before I totalled my previous truck. I had problems sometimes running gps software, winamp, google earth, aim, msn, ie, all at the same time. and yes sometimes I did some photo editing and even a bit of music production (while parked of course). I also want to be able to pull out the box and use it as a home pc if want. I think this time Im going to possibly pull out the passenger airbag and flush a 14 inch display in there at an angle or something, either that or go with a motorized flip up, im still in the design phase.

      All input appreciated,


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        If you need something more powerful then maybe try these guys:


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          Why not one of those Aopen miniPC?
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