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not booting past logo screen

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  • not booting past logo screen

    Epia M10000 Nehemiah
    512mb Kingston Ram
    30gb Hard drive 2.5" Notebook hard drive

    I am attempting to revise my CarPC that I stalled last year with the above listed components. If I remove the HDD from the computer the computer will boot as it should and let me get to windows, basically act like a computer. With the Hard drive installed the computer will only boot to the VIA pre-Post logo screen. I have tried different IDE adapters(since using a laptop drive) one of which I am sure is functioning properly, and I have tried both IDE connectors on the MOBO. Any Ideas what I might be up against here?


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    How does the computer boot normally if there's no hard drive attached?
    Are you booting from CF or something?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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