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controling ac with car computer

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  • controling ac with car computer

    I have a 2000 4 runner and I really want a nice big display inthere maybe 10 inch if I can fit. the controls for the AC are right inthe way ,, is there a way to interface with it and control it trhrough a software program, that would give me the room I need to get the look I want. I would go motorized flip up but I want the size ,, I found this install,,

    input wanted

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    Do some searching. There's several threads about his very topic.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Nice install by the way, there will always be a way to do something sometimes you will need some sort of hardware for it but if your AC is full electric then I would have thought a software would do the job on its own
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