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  • USB Sound

    Ive just bought a Sony XA-300 (Auxiliary Input Adapter for Unilink Receivers)

    "USB port accepts audio input from a laptop computer (or any device with USB audio output) "

    Does this mean that i can pulg my normal usb port into this to get sound? or do i need a usb sound card?


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    I couldn't find any info on that adapter on Sony's website, but if it has a USB port, the computer should recognize the adapter as a sound card.


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      Heres the link 2 it

      If it does reconise it as a sound card would it be better than the onboard sv24 sound (what am i saying, i think anything would be better)



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        so what kind of device will output sound through the USB port???


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          Yeah that's awefully strange. I've never heard of a USB audio output port.


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            im thinking you just plug it in and let the computer figure it out. thats how muchs usb stuff i've come across works anyways..

            no harm in trying either.
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              I'm using a Xitel usb to analog converter on both my home stereo and my car computer. Basically, the device sends a digital signal directly through your usb port, to whatever digital translator your device uses, and what comes out the other end of the translator is an analog signal. That signal can be plugged directly into a stereo, a head unit, etc. using RCA connectors.

              I don't use on-board audio, or a sound card in my computers, and in my opinion, having tested all three methods, the signal from the usb is much better than either of the other two options.

              If you're using a usb compatable operating system (Win98, XP, Win2K), the system should recognize the device and either load the right drivers, or request the OS CD so it can. You'll also likely have to disable on board audio in the BIOS, and any sound card from within the Control Panel. The instructions that came with my Xitel gave all the details.
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                yes! As soon as you plug a cord from your computer's USB port to XA-300, the OS will write on the screen "New Hardware Found" and will install the appropriate drivers by itself. Then at the device manager you will see an entry called: USB audio device or output device (I don't remember exactly) and that's all - YOU HAVE SOUND IN YOUR HEADUNIT.
                I have a JVC AV-Receiver in my home cinema setup that has the same feature (USB input). I didn't know how it works at the beginning too, but I was impressed when I used it.
                The sound is crystal clear!


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                  Oh Okay, so its not really an audio out, these things apparently act as external usb soundcards (by processing digital audio information sent to it by plug play audio drivers over the usb port).



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                    great, im gonna have to give this a go 2moro. Ive just got to try and get a monitor out to the car
                    Now wheres all my extention leads ?

                    Cheers for the info lads

                    I would put some pics up of my install but its just plain boring