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Bios not recognizing 2.5" HD

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  • Bios not recognizing 2.5" HD

    Alright so I have everything plugged in and set up so I can get XP installed onto my CarPC.... The only problem is the BIOS will not find the hard drive. I am pretty experienced with computers and I just don't know what to do. I am using a 2.5" hard drive along with the special IDE cable that comes with the Morex 3688 case. The IDE cable has a laptop HD connection on the end of it, and a regular IDE connection in the middle.

    I have a panasonic slim dvd/cd-rw on the MIDDLE connection and the 2.5" WD 100gb HD on the END connection. This end connection has 44 pins and and the laptop HD has more. I know I just must not be putting the cable in the right spot, but I can not find ANYWHERE about where exactly to plug the cable in.

    The back of the HD looks like this...

    : : : : : : : : : : : : * : : : : : : : : : -- : : (The asterisk is 1 pin on top, and the dashes are just space)

    the 4 pines on the right are separate from the rest of them... and that is an exact count of the amount of pins.

    So my question is, where does Pin 1 (the red stripe) on the cable go??? Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I have spent about 3 hours now trying to get this Hard Drive to boot, and 1 of those hours was researching, and it's useless. Thanks

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    pin 1 is on the right in that diagram. The other pins to the right of that section are for master/slave jumpers. Try first without the dvd/cd-rw connected, and if that works, then set the jumper for master on the hdd.

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      Pin 1 would be top right pin before the -- area.

      : : : : : : : : : : : : * : : : : : : : : : -- : :


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        that's 2 different answers guys, lol

        or am i wrong?

        nevermind, hwonder's post wasn't properly formatted at first, gotcha now. thanks. i'll try that right now...


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          wow i officially love you both.

          A) for the response time of literally seconds.

          B) for the correct answer

          and C) solving my last (believe it or not) 3 hours of misery.

          Thanks again

          EDIT>> Windows XP installation is beginning off the DVD Drive... seriously you guys, i love you. haha