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    help. I have a regular keyboard, and the shell of a mini keyboard. What do i do so i can hack the regular keyboard to just have the buttons i wanna use in the mini keyboard. I have a basic understand but could someone break down exactly what i have to do?

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    The way keyboards work, I can't think of a way to do this with what you have. Explain a little more of what your end goal would be, and maybe I can offer some help.
    For example, are you trying to make a numaric keypad or something like that? Also, what happened to the mini keyboard? Why can't you just use the whole thing? Why do you just have a shell?
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      uhh the mini keyboard was an infared keyboard but i didn't have the receiver and the irman didn't work with it.

      So i removed the internals of the mini keyboard

      and i wanna remap the regular keyboard to



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        umm i think you could keep the internals (keys, and whatever is underneath) and just replace the controller with a PS2 controler..

        There is a small circuit board with a IC of somesorts that connects to the thin plasic layers. If they line up nice just replace the circuit board and run the cable out.
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