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Touchpad pictures.

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  • Touchpad pictures.

    Ill take more later..........

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    Wow, that touchpad installation looks really professional!

    Good job!

    I also have my computer in a case like that... but it's not that big. What are you going to do with all that extra space?

    You could also use a 90Degree Riser card and get that PCI card to lay down flat.

    Keep up the good work,
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      Its amazing what you can do with fiberglass and paint

      That spot in my consol actually houses the Pwr window switches. I guess Im lucky my car didnt come with that option.

      I just got a broken switch pack from a local dealership. (helps when you work in the car industry). Gutted the internals and cut a hole in the top.

      Placed the top half of my touchpad mouse in position and hot glued it there. Then I stretched some lycra material over the top and pulled it tight. This forms the finished shape. Paint some fibreglass resin over the material and let it go off.

      Once it is hard, use some automotive body filler from the inside to give the surface some strength. Sand and paint.

      Doing it this way, ensures that the part will fit straight back into the car like it was made to be there from the factory.

      Oh yeah, any idea where I can get a 90 degree riser from??????????


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        Awsome job buddy !

        hey from where did you get the touch pad?

        and also how is it connected to the PC serial?



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          The pad is from Cirque.

          Its just a normal ps2/serial conection.

          I actually bought it for $ 20 au, which is like $10 US from a friend.
          I just scrapped the two buttons at the bottom. No need for them because the pad lets you "left click" by tapping the surface and dragging your finger. Works realy well.


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            Riser Cards

            I got one of the riser cards from this place:


            for $22

            But then my friend got one off ebay for $5... so you might wanna check there first.

            Very cool technique for the console piece BTW.

            Near Completion: Intel P166 MMX, 32MB ram, 13GB Hard Drive, Keypad, 4x40 LCD. Sproggy MK2.6 ATX PSU. Win98SE with Winamp and Mark Zehnder Plugin. (Web-site: very soon)


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              I have the same Touch also allows you to "right click" by tapping on the top right hand corner of the pad. I am in Canada, but I picked it up on a trip in the US for like $14 for Comp USA.

              And yeah, nice install with the touch pad....looking at your install, I'm now thinking about doing the same thing (now all I need is the guts to try it on my brand new Pathfinder!). Nice work!
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                Here's a auction link for a PCI riser card. $6.50 bid


                Does anyone konw if there are AGP riser cards? I really need one.



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                  I love you guy's, well not really, Ive been after an input device like that for ages, I was looking at old laptop sales and stuff so i could nick one of there, No need now,




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                    There are right angle adapters for agp, as well as flexible adapters (cable between the agp connector and the 2nd socket). dont know any sources off the top of my head, but people who sell rackmount equipment should carry them.

                    edit: and that looks REALLY nice, i only wish i had areas in my car like that.

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                      Thanks man. I found some agp extenders on the net. Whereelse?



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                        I did the same with mine. I put new switches in the doors for the windows and cut up the window switch cover so the touchpad would fit. Mine came from a keyboard that had it built into the wrist rest. The Cirque one was too big for me to fit in the space. I used LEDS for switch buttons so the buttons light up at night.

                        Nice fiberglass work by the way.


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                          Sleeka! Wow very nice.



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                            both of you....
                            excellent installations!!!!!

                            how did you get them to look like they are factory additions like that? fiberglass and lots of shaping work?

                            anyone wanna come over to my house and fiberglass my touchscreen in place

                            seriously, they look awesome and i hope that i can get mine to look half as good as that.

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