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Power Wire Thickness (Battery ---> M2-ATX)

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  • Power Wire Thickness (Battery ---> M2-ATX)

    Hey guys.

    I have no idea how thick the Power Wire that will run from the battery to my m2-atx has to be.

    The m2-atx i think comes with a 15A fuse (180W).

    It will probably run for about 2 metres.

    OH! And the same aplies to the GROUNT wire! How thick?

    Thanks guys.
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    The leads supplied with the M2-ATX are 18AWG.

    I am running about 2 meters direct from the battery. The copper wire I am using is rated at 50A and 4.58mm2 cross section. Which translates roughly between 11AWG and 10AWG. The hot wire is also currently fused for 10A couple inches from the battery end.

    Had no problems so far.