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Help me choose a Mobo and PSU

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  • Help me choose a Mobo and PSU

    I'm going to be putting together a carPC this summer, and I'm looking to get a mini-ITX board, I just don't really know anything about them at all so I'm flying blind when looking at them. whats the advantages and disadvantages of Pentium (doesn't come with a processor, so I have to find one as well, so added cost factors in. Is it fanless?) VS VIA mobos (Via's come with processors right? how good are they? Will they be able to run the programs listed below?)?

    I'm going to be running the following
    WinDVD (or some sort of DVD playing program)

    Mozilla (hopefully will have wireless via a wireless card, but maybe not...if not it's no biggy I really don't care about internet in the car)
    GPS/Navagational system
    webcam software (temporary back up camera)
    Back up cam (need to research this yet)

    OBDII reader and realtime data (I'd like to figure out a way to do digital guages for things like A/F ratio, oil pressure, fuel pressure, ect)

    The main things are bolded, and are the bare minimum that I must have. So can you guys help me find a Mobo??? I'm trying to keep overall cost down (total install cost I'm aiming for is about $1000 or less), but I'm not wanting to skimp on quality for the sake of cost. I'd like to keep the install pretty small, I'm hoping to hide this into a custom center console that I'm going to be making for my Matrix, but I can also hide this in the false floor in the hatch with my amp, or under the passanger/driver seat.

    I already have 2 2.5"HD's 1 is a 40gig the other is a 60gig. Right now they're just being used as portable data storage, I'll probably be using the 40gig in the carPC. Ram I'm going to go with probably 256mb or 128mb but i'll go up to 512mb if I need it for the programs.

    Right now the 2 sources I've been looking at for mobo's are...if there are more let me know. I'll also be checking ebay once I know what mobo's to look for.

    I'll also be needing a PSU, I'm thinking Opus for startup and shutdown control, I'd want the PC to boot up when I turn on the car, and as far as my reasearch has told me, Opus is the only one that will work for my needs. I'm using the same sources for the PSU as the Mobo.

    As far as other parts go, I'm going to be using a slim slot load DVD/CD-ROM (not DVD writing capeable, just reading) put into the custom center console so I can access it while driving. For sound I'll be using and RCA to 3.5mm jack cable to connect from the headphone jack on the mobo to the AUX-IN on my HU. Monitor will be a 7" Lilliput, haven't decided on which of the two models yet, but I'm leaning towards the 629 since it's slightly smaller and I'm going to try to fabricate it recessed behind the radio bezel so I can create a door on a track to flip down when it's not in use for security reasons.

    -Mike a.k.a Slightly_Stoopid

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    I'd really suggest reading the boards a little more before jumping into it... Did you really register in september? Do as much research as possible to find the solution to fit your needs... Everything is on these boards! Good luck man!
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