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  • No metal Case


    I have the SV24, and just recently stripped it out of the case as I wanted to mount it in my vehicle somewhere.

    I am wondering if I put this in my center council, do I need to mount it to metal?? Or how to I ground the computer??

    Another thought was mounting it the back of my Durango, way back there is a compartment under the floor, like where you can put jumper cables and such. Its all carpeted and such. If I put it in there do I need to mount the board to something metal or can I just position in there??

    Any ideas would be helpful. First plan is to stuff everuthing in teh center council, but I am just having a problem keeping it neat as there are so many wires and such.

    Thanks guys

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    Are you not going to use the case any longer?

    If not, would you want to sell it?



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      You don't have to mount it on a metal surface in order to keep it grounded.
      You can ground it with a cable through one of the mobo's mounting holes/screws.


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        Probably no case


        I probably will not be using the case anylonger. I have everything stripped from it though including power switches, lights, power supply, etc.

        Not sure if I will sell it quite yet as I am still trying to figure out if its bad NOT to have a case.



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          I would mount it somewhere. If you left it loose, wouldn't it be more likely to get damaged? I would think the normal driving vibrations could loosen componants or cause the edges to wear due to rubbing against stuff or any number of things. Mounting should be fairly easy. If it was me, I would mount something to the metal (maybe like a 1/4 inch thick peice of plastic) then mount the mother board to that. Then run a wire from the truck ground to any ground on the motherboard.
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            Decisions, Decisions.....

            I really like the thought of mounting it in my center council, it just seems as it gets to be a big mess in there with all the cords. But on the other hand I do not have any cords running from the back of the Durango.

            But....if i put it in back, it would be MUCH easier if I ever needed to bring it in the house to work on and such....right now its almost an art to get it into the center council...I think I need to shorter some cords and such and just make it a little cleaner, or lengthen the power supply cords and put the power supply under the seat to seperate things a little??



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              My first plan was to mount mine into the center console like you mention. But I am using an old computer that is much to big to fit into my console, So I am gonna make a case that goes in the back and i just finished running my wires to/from the front yesterday. The only problem I could see with your setup if you do go for the back (or the front for that matter) is cooling, you are going to want it to have airflow somehow... so if you drop it into back panel thing you should add multiple fans or holes and fans for air flow. Also I am not sure about it being on the carpet, I hope someone can either back me up or correct me, but there might be some problems with it. Mainly I am thinking along the lines of it insulating the compartment and trapping heat. Again I may be wrong. Hope it helps, good luck with your system!
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                I made a console, which i then mounted the PC in. So far, so good. I haven't had any trouble except when i knocked my video card out of the PCI slot while I was testing it. I've had my truck offroad many times with the PC running, so I'm pretty sure I voided my hard drive warranties by now, but no problems.



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                  Stuck finger in CPU fan

                  I stuck my darn finger in the CPU fan when testing the PC. Usually it just stops the fan, and then it starts up....nope...I kind of killed the fan. I can give it a jump start and it will go again, but clicks bad, its all out of wack....(Finger is OK though)

                  I am going to go get a new fan today....Try and do some installing tonight too, trying different options.

                  I have a VIA processor so It does not require much cooling...all it really needs is a heatsink, but I am going to get another fan anyway...



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                    I like Big Al's idea. I also drive a Durango and I am building a console. Here is an example of another Durnago that I got my inspiration from.


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                      Mine durango is not even set up like that. That must be an older one??

                      Looks nice none the less...


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                        Actaully it's a 2000.


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                          totally diff

                          completely different layout...still nice though