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  • White Noise

    Got my system up and running - very sweet BTW...

    I am getting alot of white noise's really not THAt bad, but I would like to get rid of it if possible...

    System specs:

    - Using a cassette adapter
    - 140w power inverter
    - pentium 200 mmx
    - 128 mb RAM

    That's about it...the inverter is grounded to the car

    I have turned the sound down on the PC, both Master Out and Wave...then turned it up on the head unit...

    When music is playing, I can barely tell...but when it's changing tracks it is noticable

    Any thoughts?

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    did you ground the computer case????

    also, it could just be the fact that you are using a tape adapter... casette noise might be the cause

    just some random thought

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      Yeah I agree it is most likely your cass adapter. If it really annoys you then try another method of input... if you don't mind then leave it be. I know when I use my portable cd in my moms car with the cas adapt, between tracks or on pause there is noise, but I don't hear it otherwise. You might want to try cleaning your tape player too, like the part that reads the tape (what is that thing called?). Swab it with rubbing alchohol and let it dry completely before using it... I did that on an old home tape deck (circa mid 70's unit) and it plays fine where as before it would start playing clean then sound really muffled. But since I don't use cassette tapes anymore (because of the quality & convenience of CD&MP3) I haven't had any experience on doing this to a newer cass deck, so it may mess it up or something... I don't have any experience with those cleaners that look like a tape that you put in and play to clean it, so I can't help you if you were considering that. Any way you look at it though you will probably have noise of some kind with the cass adapter.

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        and i'll just redouble what mp3z24 said, ground your case! preferably to the same point where your inverter is grounded to. i didnt think that not having the case grounded would make a difference until I did it and heard the difference.

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          Other than the above...

          Try running the carputer from "house power" (run a power cable out to the carputer) and see if the noise is gone. I grounded my inverter and still had a little noise. I tried power from my house and it was totaly gone.

          If the "house power" gets rid of the noise then get a noise filter (radio shack $14) OR you can try a ground loop Isolator (radio shack $14). The GLI helped a little bit but the noise filter got rid of ALL the noise...except the music.
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            Re: White Noise

            • Cassette adapotor. Prob one of the worst ways of getting sound into a head unit...
            • Grounding problems - tho is sounds like u have that covered
            • Try another sound card - if you need to turn down master/wave volumes this may be a problem.
            • experiment!
            • follow the other advice above!

            killing background noise is still one of the biggest problems with home-brew mp3car systems I reckon....
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              Well, I also have an FM mod - but it seriously sucks - no response whats-so-ever...the cass adapter sounds ALOT better!

              Thanks for the replies!

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