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low-profile soundcard?

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  • low-profile soundcard?

    I recently had to redo my whole computer after my bookpc fried, and I ended up choosing a microatx mobo. It has integrated sound, but quite frankly, it sucks.

    Are there any low-profile (half-height) pci soundcards available? I've looked and can't seem to find one anywhere. Help!
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    for the space, nothing beats usb sound cards... do a search, there are some good ones for cheap out there.
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      hey thanks! i didn't even think of that. that's one more thing sitting on the floor of my car though. an internal one would still be nice....
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        has a nice USB sound card...about 50 bucks?? I love it. About the length of a pen maybe and about 4 pens wide??

        Very nice sound.


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          Another option is to get a pci riser card. It allows you to install a pci card parallel to the mobo.

          Example :

          Search for price/distributor as prices vary a lot (from $15-->$200+)


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            anyone ever try this?

            PCI long extension cable
            1) start with this PCI riser w/ flat cables

            Model Number:PCI1-C
            Decription 64 Bit Single Slot, 1U Flat Cable PCI gold finger
            from HERE

            2) replace cables with longer ribon cables

            Any one know what the limit is for PCI distance, capacitance, impedance, .....?
            seems like it could work? don't know how far though?
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              omg that's asking for trouble... Forget impedance etc... What about interference alone? I mean PCI cards only operate on what, 3.3v 100mA? That's a tiny signal to be fudging with. You're also trying to mess with a signal that's pushing up to 33mb/sec. Sure, you can stretch IDE, which is typically only 10mb/sec... but...