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  • mrecedes CL55 AMG car computer


    I would love to have something like this done to my CL55 AMG

    does anyone know of a place where I could have it done in europe?


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    I was doing some research and this is what I figured would do for start:

    - I put a laptop docking station in the trunk so I can put in a laptop whenever I want (all mp3s, divx's, dvds are played by the laptop)
    - I build in this module so I can get the laptop connected to the dashboard built in monitor
    - now I need a keyboard and a mouse.. I was thinking that maybe I could replace the original built in screen by a touchscreen screen (and use it instead of a mouse), that way I could click around the windows XP on laptop, run mp3s etc.. I wouldn't even need keyboard for basic operations.

    about the built in screen:

    This is the original console that is in the car.. Would it be possible to take it appart and replace the original screen with touchscreen but still making it work with original mercedes software (GPS, etc..) as if nothing was changed? Then when I switched to laptop, I would need the touchscreen function to act as a mouse..

    What do you think?



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      That looks like a microwave.

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        this is how it looks when fitted in


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          this looks cool.. I emailed braybrooks in hope that I could buy it from them


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            I am looking at doing an Xbox system in my friend's '01 S500 and was looking for options.

            Hmmm...just looking at the video input device. I have experience with these kinds of units on my Lexus.

            The problem is that they are composite to RGBs converters...and honestly, it's not going to have enough clarity and sharpness to see text on that tiny screen, because they are used to inject video...not a computer. However, I did not know that it was a RGBs based system and that the Nav computer was separate from the screen...that means, you can hack into the signal wires in between and inject your own RGBs signal via relays.

            You should be able to convert the VGA signal from the computer to RGBs with an Extron RGB-109xi..then use a 4PDT relay to switch between the stock Nav computer and your carputer feed. I have a similar setup with my Xbox in my Lexus.


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              Originally posted by psyrex
              That looks like a microwave.
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                Originally posted by Carputer_miniPC
                not good looking , and not powerful at all.
                What is not powerfull? A laptop?

                What is not goodlooking? A complete oem-looking install?

                What are you on about?
                List of front-ends/usefull apps
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