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using USB TV/RADIO Tuner (not PCI)

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  • using USB TV/RADIO Tuner (not PCI)

    Hi all

    I am an Italian Guy and I'm developing my car-PC I finished to install on my car a few weeks ago..

    I'm using Road Runner for MP3 and video files playback only at the moment..

    Now I'd like to develop it by integrating Phone, GPS and RADIO..

    So, a few questions for you

    1- For space reasons I would prefer to use an USB radio/TV tuner instead of PCI. Which product do you suggest me? Does exists something USB with RDS which works fine with RR??

    2- Could you please clarify how to integrate bluetooth phone with RR and where to download the plugin??

    3- Which download sw do you suggest me??

    THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE!!! your help is essential for me!!!



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    mostly every USB/PCI radio is crap...
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      You may be able to use a different TV tuner card than in North they have over-the-air digital TV broadcasts in Italy?


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        Hi Jackboot,
        Thanks for your reply!
        Yes, we have over-the-air Digital TV broadcasting. In fact, this should be the optimal solution to watch TV in-car.
        But I'm choosing to purchase a TV+radio tuner just to use the radio only.. I'd like to purchase an RDS radio+tv tuner. I found only a "CINERGY 600" PCI card that has this feature.. Can't find anything USB that supports RDS!
        Any suggestion??
        Thanks a lot!


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          I actually don't know too much about FM radios for carpc application...but I think that maybe there is not a good FM radio w/ RDS solution right least what is available has bad reception? Someone else should be able to be more specific than this.

          I wish we had over-the-air DTV broadcasts here! That would be so sweet for CarPC...


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            I use a USB TV/Radio stick and think its great but it will not embed in RR and I have asked this question but got no joy from it
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              Erm correct me if im wrong but doesnt it all depend on signal - so if you hook up your usb radio to the car aerial it should be fine ?

              Go here :

              Click on radio and see what he uses - im not sure if it would work in italy but his works in the UK so you never know !

              Oh AND it will intergrate in RoadRunner using a program called Radiator.


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                Yes, that's D-LINK usb tuner... I know it, and works fine..
                But it don't have RDS, and I would like to have this feature!

                Now I think I'll be forced to purchase the CINERGY 600 PCI tuner... I hate this because I'll require to put a new cable from front to rear of the car (antenna + IR cable)..... haaaaate this!! Boring, I just finished to re-assembly my car!!! :-(

                Thanks again for your help!! :-P



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                  So does a lack of RDS mean that the station name wont come up if you integrate it in roadrunner with radiator ? i.e. you'll only get the frequency ?