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Slot load LED replacement?

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  • Slot load LED replacement?

    I recently bought a slotload drive that unfortunately arrived with a non working activity LED. The rest of the drive works flawlessly, so i didn't send it back (it was used when i bought it and it i wasn't made aware of the problem). I want to know if it's hard to reaplce the LED, as with the music and the noise from my exhaust, I can't hear/see it working. I'd really like it to be blue, altho I can live with the original color as well. I haven't taken the drive apart yet to look at it, but it looks to be a chip style LED, which is really friggin small. Do the chip LEDs run off the same voltages as regular ones? Anyone done this before?



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    i havent done that before, but im sure it wouldnt be too hard IF you get the correct LED

    Remember... its a diode, so it has to be the correct type, try and find a circuit diagram for that model... it will be in there somewhere
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      Most LED's are put in series with a current limiting resistor. Different colors of LED's have different forward voltage drops in the range of 1.5 to 2volts or so. You can probably replace with any LED you like and it will work, if the one you are replacing is just a single discreet LED. If it is a chip with multiple stuff in it, good luck figuring it out. If there are only 2 leads going to it, try your prefered one. If it doesn't work, reverse the leads on the new one and try again. If it still doesn't work, the drive circuit has a problem. Getting the thing open to get to it, that is going to be the bigger problem.


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        the led is on a ribbon right behind the bezel, so It's not hard getting to it. Problem is that it's that ribbon stuff like the keyboard connector on a laptop, and I don't really feel like soldering to it