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Is Crystal sound good enough?

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  • Is Crystal sound good enough?

    Here I am, just days away from putting my system in my truck.
    The stereo comes this week, and all I have left to do is make a case for the computer. Then a thought strikes me. Is a crystal sound chipset ok for sound? It sounded ok through the speakers, or should I put in my old SB16. Or should I go buy a new one?
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    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.

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    It all depends on the quality of verything else, if your running high quality VBR throught a JL set up the it won't be enought, if you've got a cheap nasty head unit and speakers which don't even have the makers name on them, it'll be fine. If it sounded OK through the speakers, then it's of a quality which meets your requirements. I'd say keep it for now and if it sounds pooh, you can allways change it later.

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      ahhh... nice to see another JL fan...!

      I agree with Rob's statement...
      Project - GAME OVER :(