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  • fv24 custom case site

    Ran across this guys site he has a pretty good slide show of the assembly process. He kept it small. THought yall might like to take a look.

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    none of the pics work in the slide show!
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      I found they worked, but very, very slowly, even on works 1.2mb link.
      And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows? (Does what it says on the URL) (The new car, with zero rust!) (My other site)
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        I'm sorry, but the server is on my DSL line, that only have 128k of upload bandwidth and the server is very very busy, the video on the web is a little big and there are lots of people connected to my little machine.

        But anyway, about the wintendo, I'm now looking for a v2.0 with a rack power supply and others new features.


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          its all good. thanks for putting up the pics. and welcome to the forum!!
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            His case could have been STACKS smaller if he had used a laptop drive and cdrom.. and a smaller PS would have been good.. A full size ATX is abit of an overkill...
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              It's all there for v2.0

              But what I was looking for this one was to make the smaller, cheapest, and quiet case possible, and if I wanted to be cheapest, the laptop HD and CD-Rom are double the price as desktop ones. Anyway, it's very small, and very very quiet.

              So for the price it has, I'm really happy with the size. Let's see in the future what can I do with smaller storage drives and ps.