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S8601MP (the $10 MB from TigerDirect) in the car, PS question

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  • S8601MP (the $10 MB from TigerDirect) in the car, PS question

    OK, I got in on that TD MB deal back in the day and I've been VERY happy with my choice. The board is still running really well and I even got my rebate on it. It's currently running Linux and acts as my RAID5 box (4 160GB drives). But, I digress.

    I want to put the thing in my car, and I have since the day I picked it up. I've put WinXP on it in the past and it ran really well. Linux also runs awesome on the board, so I could go either way.

    My question is, will the M2-ATX 160W PS be enough to run this, a 3.5" drive, a normal-sized CD-ROM, an LCD screen and some general USB devices (GPS, 802.11b and a webcam)? I would check the board's specs myself but the Syntax site doesn't work and I lost my manual for it. I tried to search around here for both the 8601MP and the 635MP and the best I read was that the processor uses uses 15W of power, which would mean I would have plenty more to go around. Google just yielded a ton of different sites posting about the sale they ran on TD when I picked it up.

    Anyway, any advice is appreciated. I'm not opposed to getting a laptop drive and a slim DVD drive either if that'll help the power consumption.

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    FAQ: Will <insert PSU model> Power Supply work with my system?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thank you very much. That FAQ is super useful and explains a lot. I feel like an idiot for asking now.... sorry. I did use the search, like I said, but I didn't notice you already had a nice FAQ in place.

      Off to read. Thanks again.